Eco Hacker Farm is an umbrella organisation for people who want to start or are already running ecological/permaculture farms combined with hackerspaces to provide a sustainable living space for people to come and experience a way of life that is not necessarily dependent on the system but using appropriate, open and low cost modern technological solutions.

By setting up a community project, people should be able to bring their own ideas to the rest of the community and work together with others in order to implement them.

A project in EcoHackerFarm should grow to these ideals:

Sustainable Living & Simple Sustainable Solutions

  • self sustainable community and living environment
  • ecological farming using permaculture principles
  • reuse & recycle
  • conserving resources like water, soil, …
  • avoiding use of chemicals/pesticides
  • preserve & rehabilitate nature
  • repopulation of flora & fauna
  • use of natural products (hygiene)
  • living off the grid when possible

Sustainable Hackerspace

  • development of opensource solutions focused on needs of permaculture farming
  • automation of recurring tasks to save resources
  • intelligent resource management

Reducing Poverty

  • create low cost opensource solutions for permaculture farming
  • raising awareness about poverty and how to alleviate it
  • create and maintain a fair share environment

Connecting People

  • encouraging collaboration
  • collaboration with other similar projects/communities
  • involving the local community
  • encourage social gatherings & festivals
  • using & promoting local resources and local networking infrastructure

Building an Inclusive Community

  • respecting all members of the community
  • providing an anti-discriminatory space
  • community members can be both offline (local) and/or online


  • workshops & skill sharing
  • internships & volunteering programmes
  • documentation of the project
  • opensource development & promotion

Art and Culture

  • providing a space for art and culture
  •  promotion and support for local art and cultural events


  • implementing a democratic or consensual way of making decisions such as
    •   setting priorities
    •   use of monetary resources
  • promote and enhance the democratic process

This does not mean every project has to fulfill these ideals but it should evolve around them.

We would love to hear your ideas and opinions about the ideals, what skills you would like to share or learn from others, possible events or workshops you’d like to organise or attend etc.

This page will be not updated regularly and the most interesting and updated content can be found in our Wiki.

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